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Signs You’re Using Too Many Skincare Products

The general tendency for most women, when it comes to a skincare routine or makeup, is often based on a principle similar to: the more, the better. But is that always true? In some cases, effects might turn out to be the complete opposite, with negative outcomes to your skin’s health and good looks.
The truth is, each moisturizer, cream, cleanser, or any other product you’re using already has a mix of active ingredients. They were put together by teams of researchers in order for those purchasing them to obtain the best results. Adding one of those concoctions on top of another might bring forward a nightmare reaction. So, how do you know if it’s time to stop complicating your facial routine?
research of using skincare products

How You Can Tell You’re Overdoing Your Beauty Routine

To put it bluntly, using more products than you should is going to make the skin look worse, not better than before. That’s where you’re supposed to stop and reanalyze your choices. Too many exfoliants make your face look dry, almost like it’s peeling off, while excess moisturizers might clog pores and lead to acne.
If you start experiencing redness, itchiness, or even a serious form of irritation, something is obviously wrong. We’re not only talking about applying a high number of different products but also overdoing your treatment with just one of them.
Another sign is having shiny skin, but which does not feel oily. Usually, this happens because of repeated exfoliation. A bit of dead skin is actually useful and won’t look nasty, but protect deeper layers of tissue. Otherwise, raw, fresher skin is exposed and might become sensitive to the sun and other external factors. When exfoliating too much, you might feel your skin as being too tight or stretched out.
We know, trying out a whole bunch of new products and including them in your usual skincare routine is tempting. On the other hand, if you don’t know what ingredients you’re mixing, this turns into a problem. An abundance of active ingredients, as beneficial as they might by themselves, will do damage in the long run. Read product descriptions and ingredient lists in order to make sure they’re safe when paired together.

How to Balance Out Your Beauty Habits

Always adapt choices and routine to your own skin, don’t follow friends’ advice or TV commercials blindly. We all have different needs and reactions to various ingredients. While others might use five products for what they consider the perfect result, your skin might feel heavy after only a couple of them. That might depend on age, climate, or other factors, so try getting to know your skin’s preferences.
Once the skin starts getting that heavy feeling, there’s no point in adding more stuff on top of your other creams or serums. They simply won’t absorb into the tissue, they might cancel each other out, and all your effort will be useless. Decide on a few steps: after cleansing, apply moisturizer or toner, serum for that problematic area around the eyes, such as the one developed by Neora, and you’re good to go.
As sun protection is very important, you could always choose a moisturizer that also contains SPF, so that you don’t need to add layers of different products. Also, the stronger a product is, the less often you should use it. For instance, exfoliate only once a week. Even your daily creams are enough in a dollop the size of a pea or dime.
Remember, redness or irritation should not be a part of the process; these sings do not mean that your products are working. Plus, you won’t fix things by adding even more to your routine, you simply have to exclude whatever it is that’s harming your skin. The best solution is to stop using them all and then try adding them one at a time, to figure out where the negative side effects are coming from.
Other than using fewer beauty products overall, we also recommend going for natural options. For example, Neora products are plant-based mixes, which can also be found as a set. Those contain cleansers, a day cream, night cream, the whole package. In that case, you’ll know for sure what you can use during the same 24 hours, saving the effort of making complicated mental schemes.
Bottom line: beauty does not have to hurt. If it does, chances are you’re doing it wrong. Gather a bit of patience for building up a routine that’s right for you. It won’t work overnight, like some miracle, but results will show in a few weeks. And they will be worth it.


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