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How to Take Care of Your Skin? Ask Neora

a woman takes care for her skin
Regular skin care is the ultimate secret for not having to worry about it later. Simply keeping it clean and maintaining a healthy diet could diminish the aspect of acne. Drying or wrinkled skin can be an issue of the past with a few hydrating tips. Even serious health conditions might be prevented by reserving a bit of time for self-care. Stay around and read further if you could use a few suggestions.

Six Tips for Healthier Skin

1. Be Gentle
Try not to attack your skin with various factors that might dry it out or irritate it. When taking baths, no matter how relaxing and tempting hot water may be, keep it at a warm level. Sometimes you could even notice portions of the skin getting red thanks to heat. At drying time, don’t scrub yourself with a rough towel, but rather pat all areas gently.
Soaps should not attack tissue either. Some of them, shampoos as well, claim to be great for oilier skin and end up leading to the complete opposite, drying everything out. To compensate, moisturizers can be used, not too oily or perfumed, but rather simply hydrating.
One of the most damaging activities is shaving, both for men and women. Of course, we all need to do it, but not without shaving foam or lotion on the area of interest. Razors should be clean and sharp, moving in the same direction as the one in which hair grows.
2. Know How to Hide from The Sun
Sun is one of the most common causes for skin cancer. Along with that, it could increase the appearance of pigmentation spots or wrinkles. As much as possible, avoid being under its rays at midday, when sun burns and heat-strokes are most likely to happen. At least, try to cover your skin with some light clothes. Applying sunscreen should also be done regularly if staying outside, every two hours. In case of swimming, even more often.
3. Check Your Diet
We can’t stress this enough, especially drinking sufficient water. Along with benefits brought to your metabolism and digestion, water keeps skin hydrated, and not by throwing it on our face. Vegetables and fruits help with this too, as well as healthy fats and protein. Too much sugar, dairy and processed foods may lead to acne development, while salt can promote skin swelling.
4. Give Up on Stress
Acne and skin dryness can also be consequences of stress affecting our daily lives. Not to mention wrinkles that grow deeper with anger and other negative feelings. Take a breath, relax your forehead and face muscles. Most of all, make sure you get enough sleep.
5. Put Cigarettes Aside
Smoking is not just a cause for lung cancer, but it can promote skin cancer as well. Even if you don’t get as far as that, it could still give your skin a yellow, pale aspect or make pigmentation spots appear.
Past scientific studies done on twins had some scary results. When one was smoking and the other was not, the smoker had wrinkles which were more pronounced. It’s obvious then that cigarettes speed up the aging process. This happens because of their negative effect on collagen and elastin production, substances in our bodies which keep skin smooth.
6. Use Skin Care Creams – Like Neora
Creams developed for skin care usually focus on hydrating it in order to reduce dryness and wrinkles. Thus, effects of aging are diminished by taking just a few minutes per day to apply this simple treatment.

Neora’s age IQ Day Cream

Neora’s Age IQ Day Cream was produced to bring amazing beauty effects to its users. It’s not an oily product, which makes it appropriate to use during day time, while at work, going out, and so on. It hydrates the skin, giving it a soft feel by reducing wrinkles.
Neora’s Day Cream is based on the company developed SIG-1273 extract, which, along its anti-aging effects, also reduces skin inflammation. Adding other antioxidants, plant extracts and peptides, you get the ultimate fighter against fine lines and other signs of aging.
First of all, it moisturizes the skin, giving it a proper level or hydration. Then, antioxidants prevent further damage on all tissue levels. Neora promises that its product will increase cell renewal, pushing forward layers of fresh, younger skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will reduce. Furthermore, this cream will also attack darker or discolored spots on your skin, enlarged pores and give you a skin lift effect.
Neora’s Day Cream can be used on all skin types, not just for the face, but also for your neck and hands. To use it, properly clean the target area beforehand. Four pumps of this product should be enough to cover both the face and neck. We recommend applying it every morning and during the day to further moisturize various tissue areas.
Alongside SIG-1273 extract, Neora’s Age IQ Day Cream also has a few other beneficial ingredients. Green Tea and Vitamin E protect your skin from external damage, while Jojoba esters are meant to ensure proper hydration. CoQ10 keeps skin structure healthy, and a peptide blend is the master of evening out areas affected by wrinkles.

Short Skin Care Conclusion

Taking great care of your skin is a process that requires daily attention. When you don’t really have much time to spare, even a couple of minutes in the morning could do the trick. That’s perfect for applying Neora’s Age IQ Day Cream and enjoying its amazing anti-aging effects later on.


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