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Skincare tips from Neora for guys with oily skin

We seldom see guys thinking too much about their skin or skincare regime. Isn’t it totally a girl thing to do? Well, skincare is an absolute must for every individual irrespective of gender and age. When it comes to guys with oily skin the ultimate skincare routine challenge starts. Oily skin can be a turnoff for a majority of the people. So, for all the guys out there, if you have that shiny nose and chin all throughout the day you have got to work on it.

Man wit a bow tieWhat ingredients to look out for?

Guys who randomly pick budget skincare packs from supermarkets have to learn about what ingredients to look out for before picking up products. Neora has a vast range of products that have the perfect ingredients required to control oil. You should look out for products that contain Salicylic acid that breaks down excess oil and prevents acne. Sebum absorbers like Silica, Bentonite clay, Sulphur etc play their part very well. Retinol keeps the pores tight thus resulting in lesser oil secretion. There are a huge number of other such ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Niacinamide, Dimethicone etc that help in oil control.

Tips for healthier skin

An oily skin is never considered to be healthy. Guys are usually reluctant when it comes to skincare. An apt face wash for your skin type is something you should look out for. Oily skinned guys should make it a point to wash their face before going to bed. Keeping the face dirt free is the first step towards getting rid of excess oil.
Moisturization is an ABSOLUTE MUST even for the ones with oily skin. This is the biggest myth when it comes to skincare. A light oil free moisturiser is essential after cleansing. It makes up for the loss of natural oils from the skin that usually happens after cleansing. You should add an appropriate scrub at least 2-3 times a week. It helps in deep cleaning the pores thus helping you in getting rid of excess oil, dirt and sebum. 
Try and add a toner to your skincare regime. It not just helps in removing the oil buildup from your face but it also freshens you up. Guys with oil skin do feel heavy and tired towards the end of the day. With a toner, you can feel refreshed and energetic anytime, anywhere. Just make sure to look out for the ingredients and pick the one that’s made for your skin type.
Neora products are sure to work wonder for your oily skin but always make sure that you don’t overdo anything. Watching out for the ingredient list, picking up products tactfully and using them gently is all you need to do. Let your confidence breathe life into your skin, maintain a healthy skincare regime and you are good to go. Looking your best everyday is absolutely in your hands and these tips will definitely brighten up your face as well your day.


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