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How safe is Neora night skin cream?

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Now among the huge number of beauty products Neora skin cream deserves special attention. So, let's try to explore its components and find the proof that it works and is safe for your body.
A few words about Neora company - it is a multi-level marketing company that sells beauty products via independent distributors called “Brand Partners”. The company is led by Jeff Olson - a dynamic and visionary leader who has served in many executive roles across different business channels and companies.
Neora creams have been featured in fashion magazines and beauty television programs. Also, there are dozens of rave online reviews about their magic effects. The main question that worries everyone is whether the cream is safe for the skin as its main component is “Oleander,  a toxic plant that lines the freeways and is poisonous to animals and humans.
After the Nerium oleander was first tested as cancer drug, Neora employee started a thorough research of the plant to find whether it has benefits for skin. However, the FDA didn’t approve this “cancer drug”, citing potentially serious adverse effects from the poisonous plant. As for the skin cream, as an evidence, Neora provided a summary of a clinical trial conducted by Dr. Larry Fan, a San Francisco plastic surgeon. He admitted that his trial showed no adverse effects or signs of oleander in the blood.
Also, there are other positive reviews from independent experts in Pharmacology, Toxicology and consumers about its safety and beneficial effects. One of them said a one-year-old baby could consume 400 bottles and it wouldn’t be toxic. The proof that the product works is in its sales of over 3 million bottles.
Nowadays Neora has transformed the anti-aging industry with streamlined product offering that is clinically tested to deliver proven results. It focuses on cutting through the clutter of age-fighting options to bring multifunctional skincare products and novel nutritionals that address all age-fighting needs and fit easily into every lifestyle.
The main benefits are:
  • The products are designed to deliver exceptional, visible results
  • They are powered by exclusive ingredients developed through the synergy of nature and science
  • Neora products are easy to use
  • Neora is simple to fit into even the busiest lifestyle
Like many successful people and companies, Neora is being attacked by its competitors and naysayers. Neora products work. They work better for some. They work faster for some. They even work differently for the same person. The people who use Neora products see improvements. Their pictures aren’t doctored. To test the product, you can order online Neora night cream by preferred customer Loyalty program and receive additional benefits:
  • 25% off on Neora exclusive products;
  • Get a €22,50 tax inclusive Off Product Reward after every third order over €90 tax inclusive;
  • Get a €9 tax inclusive Off Product Reward for every customer referral with an order of €45 tax inclusive or more.


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