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Looking for a Business Opportunity? Try Neora

woman looking for opportunity with Neora
In case you ended up on this page whilst on a search for a job or business opportunity, let us say your landing was not that bad. At least, you will find here some details about a possible collaboration with a cosmetic brand called Neora.
What is Neora? It’s a Texas based company, founded in 2011 and currently led by Jeff Olson, that activates in the over-saturated beauty industry. Even though the competition in this market area is huge, this particular company seems to have some real success, with high sales numbers and good reviews from its customers.
The brand has only a small number of products, but those have gained spectacular popularity. Its two main ones are the Age-Defying Creams, which come in both a night and a day version. They are based on the effects of NAE-8 extract, a combination of Aloe Vera and Nerium Oleander, which the developers claim has been proven to reduce wrinkles, pigmentation spots and various other aging and skin damage signs.
Where do you come in? Neora has a multi-level marketing strategy, which means it works by selling its products through individuals who become brand partners, and you can be one as well.

What being a Neora Brand Partner involves

Basically, you receive Neora products and then you’re supposed to sell and distribute them by your preferred method, either going door to door, online or taking them to events.
To get started on this small business, you first need to purchase a starter kit which, alongside products, contains marketing material to help you with sales techniques and strategies. For example, you can get a Success Pack for 499.95$ and receive five bottles of Age-Defying Creams, or the Premier Success Pack for 999.95$, with twelve bottles.
After spending, you probably wonder how you will actually make money. You do that by selling the product, recruiting others and getting bonuses for your performance. Selling the products gets you a 10% to 25% commission, or a bonus between 16$ per bottle and 60$ per two bottles, depending on how high up you are in company ranks. Recruiting someone also brings you a 5% commission. The more business and profit you bring to Neora, the more recognition and promotions you will get.

Downsides to being a Neora Brand Partner

Most companies that choose multi-level marketing will get lots of complaints from some of their brand partners, but will also have many satisfied collaborators. It’s the same in Neora’s case.
Probably the biggest problem comes from the way we set our expectations. Many individuals dream of having a care free home job, where they can decide on their own schedule and pace of getting tasks done. Being a brand partner is not really being someone’s employee, but their collaborator, which means you have a small business of your own. That might require putting more time and effort into it than one might think, but, done right, it can bring real entrepreneurial success.
Furthermore, if it’s a business, you will need to make an initial investment. That’s why, unlike the situation when you have an online employer and they are the only ones paying you, with a business partner, money goes both ways. Some people find this to be discouraging and they back down, considering Neora’s starter kits a bit expensive.
In order to keep your collaboration with Neora, you will need to be active every month. People see this as a disadvantage, as it involves selling a minimum amount of creams or at least ordering a certain number of products even if you don’t have any sale requests from clients. So, you need to keep investing and we recommend also finding better selling techniques, in order not to lose that cash, but make more.
Lastly, there is a fear of the skepticism surrounding the products’ reputation. Some say that the positive effects of the creams are exaggerated or even that some customers had allergic reactions to them, and new investors are afraid of getting such complaints. At the same time, we can give positive reviews a look as well, as they represent the majority on online shops, and realistically admit that no existing product will ever satisfy 100% of its buyers.

To Be or Not To Be a Neora Brand Partner

Neora is indeed a company that requires its brand partners to put some real effort and financial investment into the collaboration, with the risk of putting up with dissatisfied customers as well. On the other hand, with patience and genuine interest into learning sales and marketing techniques, the earned commission might become quite significant after a while. It is the same with any business opportunity, it has its perks and negative sides.
On the other hand, the beauty industry is evolving spectacularly and is predicted to continue doing so years from now. If you want to be part of it, why not do so by investing in a brand with products that brought visible profit?


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